Fresh Scans

I got a small batch of images scanned today, I hope you enjoy them! As always, feel free to reach out with comments or additional information on the images if you have any.

Scranton 2 174860 german cavalry coming down a steep mountain side

174860 German cavalry coming down a steep mountain side

Scranton 3

Scranton 4 1811441 joseph kawurm, youngest austrian soldier & his royal protector archduke joseph ferdinand

1811441 Joseph Kawrum, Youngest Austrian soldier and his royal protector Archduke Joseph Ferdinand

Scranton 5 supplement 1Scranton 5 type of cultivated slav, ??? in armenia_

Can anyone help me read the caption on the photo of this lovely lady? I have had some difficulty in figuring it out on my own. At the moment i think it reads “Type of cultivated slav, ??? in Armenia”

Scranton 6 1105a tower of ivan, moscow russia

1105a Tower of Ivan, Moscow Russia