Fresh Scans

I got a small batch of images scanned today, I hope you enjoy them! As always, feel free to reach out with comments or additional information on the images if you have any.

Scranton 2 174860 german cavalry coming down a steep mountain side

174860 German cavalry coming down a steep mountain side

Scranton 3

Scranton 4 1811441 joseph kawurm, youngest austrian soldier & his royal protector archduke joseph ferdinand

1811441 Joseph Kawrum, Youngest Austrian soldier and his royal protector Archduke Joseph Ferdinand

Scranton 5 supplement 1Scranton 5 type of cultivated slav, ??? in armenia_

Can anyone help me read the caption on the photo of this lovely lady? I have had some difficulty in figuring it out on my own. At the moment i think it reads “Type of cultivated slav, ??? in Armenia”

Scranton 6 1105a tower of ivan, moscow russia

1105a Tower of Ivan, Moscow Russia



I’ve finally gathered all of the supplies needed to make this project happen. I’ll be dedicating a day per week to this effort and will post scans here once I have them. If you are interested in giving me some additional insight into this process or the images you see, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

website stuff1

Supplies for cleaning and repairing glass negatives

website stuff2

The plate before cleaning. The paper label is falling apart and black tape had been wrapped around the edges but has started to fall off, leaving brittle and sharp edges exposed.

website stuff4

Scranton 1

“181447 Austrians behind their breastworks at the Sa(n?v?u?)e River near the Austrian frontier”